Why Practise

A blessing staying with beautiful hearts & positive minds. Today at class teacher asked “why are we practising yoga”…. answer is “to see things in different perspectives, an unfamiliar way”

For me, “to live a better life …. MIND, BODY & COMMUNITY”

Routine in style

Everyday life, daily life or routine life comprises the ways in which people typically act, think, and feel on a daily basis. Everyday life may be described as mundane, routine, natural, habitual, or normal.

Beyond these broad similarities, lifestyles vary and different people spend differently.

A handmade diary book for daily work.


Enlightenment is bringing a state of meditativeness into the smallest acts of your day to day life in its expression of grace, harmony, balance, beauty each and every movement of the body each and every act…do it totally perfectly harmoniously with your total attention and love and you will see that your deepest centre starts connecting to each and every act of yours. This is how you bring the Buddha into your life. Become aware of the present moment, here and now. Be immersed and focused.

~ Osho ~

Sitting at my desk two days sewing a pants suit from a raw piece of linen fabric in pale green.

Creative impulse

Handmade & Design – leather iPhone case made from a creative impulse with left over material

Creative impulse is what moves and powers the design process. An energy that causes to respond a thought, feeling. There is no single description of how each person experiences the creative impulse, it is just a force. The beauty of this call is that over time one can learn to recognize it—to be receptive to own particular inner call of creative communication. Getting more and more practised at identifying the creative impulse, one can learn to trust it, act on and connects to the personal desires and ultimately to creative instincts. It is impossible to schedule a particular time to get a great idea but be received in its own time because it arises from the unconscious. Once received it, simply arrange to express it, to play with the ideas. Proceed as though it is one of the divine spark from God.

Foot health

Walking barefoot might be something we only do at home. This practise improves awareness of our body in space. When a child gets older, we shove their feet into shoes and lose the benefits that come from walking barefoot.

Walking barefoot helps to improve balance, posture and prevent common foot injuries. Small often overlooked muscles in the foot play a vital but underestimated role in movement and stability, similar to the core muscles in the abdomen.

At yoga , bare foot practise of asana helps to develop strength and sensitivity of our body, legs, feet against earth.

In summer, I love wearing sandals 7 days a weeks, not only for good ventilation but allow toes free movement is key to health from feet to groin to spine.

As a city walker on hard cement floor, minimum protection and soft support is needed.

This is my favorite brand in terms of thin and soft sole whilst protection is there , I have close connection to earth. The light weight, softness, comfortability, durability and designs, Ipanema’s cutting edge technology of Flexpand is a 100% recyclable material.


To have time enough to sit for a spell, to look out the window…To have just enough words to sing and speak, but not gossip…To have food enough to eat and sleep well at night.. To have it all and nothing more is “abundance”

When do we know that enough is enough?

When you feel uncomfortable, restless, busy, anxious, they might be symptoms of having too much, doing too much, saying too much, or spending too much. If you’re feeling out of balance in your life, it’s a good time to assess habits, priorities, choices and responsibilities. Simplifying possessions, priorities and desires can help create space and peace in life.